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Jungkook - I am king

  1. Bring the noonas out (snsd remix)
  2. Where my panties at ft. suga
  3. Bow down peasants (metal version)
  4. I’m golden
  5. 5 ft 8 and better than you

Jin - all pink everything

  1. Only one mango (boa remix)
  2. Jinderella
  3. Party in the kitchen
  4. Gwiyomi player (22 yr old idiot…

Yuta’s logical excuse

Hiii ♡

let it snow


Yeollie is such an overprotective husband.

This is the main reason why Baekkie loves him so much. ^_^

He doesn’t want Baekhyun be harmed.

Just look at how he protects Baekhyun from Chen’s beating, and also from the raging crowd. So cuuute. ChanBaek is indeed real. <3


This little girl is excited she finished her vaccinations


zitao’s sign language

#1: on 14/03/24, tao changed his weibo dp into a picture of his crossed fingers, it means “hope”, it’s for the victims of MH370 flight [x]

#2: on 14/05/31, sehun’s instagram update, tao made a circle hand sign with index fingers and thumb fingers, it means “miss” [x]

#3: in exo showtime episode 9, tao didn’t understand how to play the game 007 as he got beaten a lot of times, while the other members just stayed silent, tao used sign language to express his frustration and anger

#4: we all know about sehun’s famous sailormoon pose, but little did we know it was taught by tao,  by extending the thumb, index finger, and little finger while the middle and ring finger touch the palm, it means “i love you”

the reason why tao knows sign language is because tao has a best friend ChenChen who is a disabled person, he doesn’t have the ability to hear and talk. and with the love of friendship, tao learned sign language to communicate with his friend.



Baekhyun - 140521 Musical ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ trailer

Credit: Official SMTown Youtube. (싱잉인더레인 뮤지컬 포스터)

xlkslb_ccdtks = xiumin,luhan,kris,suho,lay,baek,chen,chanyeol,d.o,tao,kai,sehun
ㅠㅠ 세훈아아아


140506. happy birthday byun baekhyun!

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サクラサク by (ringring*)